Disque-Online Mobile

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Værktøjer Produktivitet
Forfatter: Mitchell COHEN

Disc-Online.com is a backup and online storage service in France. This application allows subscribers to access their accounts from their iPhone or iPod touch and view the files directly.

By use of this application, subscribers are able to download their files from the servers at Disk-Online.com to their iPhone or iPod touch.

Supported document types include PDF documents (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx), plain text files (.txt), Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt & .pptx), and image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, & .png).

Landscape mode as well as zooming and panning is supported for viewing all document types.

A scroll bar feature facilitates viewing of long documents.

Add folders to organize your files.

Enter a login password to protect DocViewer and your files.